Privacy Policy

We at Small Loan In 1 Hour give utmost importance to privacy of personal information shared by user of this website. Our collection, sharing and disclosure practices have been explained in our privacy policy. The user must go through this page ahead of browsing through our website. One should understand how we treat information shared by him or her. We want them to be confident about safety of their personal data while accessing our website.

Privacy policy of Small Loan In 1 Hour defines our use of your personal information. So, by using our website, you indicate that you have agreed to our privacy practices. With us, you may rest assured to find your details are used by us as mentioned in our privacy policy. However, if you find our privacy laws objectionable then please stop using our website and leave our website as soon as possible.

At Small Loan In 1 Hour, we respect privacy of your details. Your privacy is our top priority and to ensure that we have taken sensible steps. We use advanced security software to keep your data safe in our servers. The superior encryption technology has enabled us to take care of your personal details and prevent misuse, loss, damage or unauthorized access of data. But unfortunately, online browsing is not completely safe. We will not be able to provide protection to your details when you access other sites. Visit those sites at own risk.

Collection of personal information like name, email-id, telephone number, physical address, social security number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship status etc takes place if the user wants to get started here with us. All this information should be correctly shared in the online registration form which is accessible at free of cost. Personal details are required for background verification of the user and to provide with services requested by him or her. These details are further forwarded to lenders who will use the contact information while communicating with the borrower.

With us, you are free from the obligation of sharing any information if you are simply browsing through our website. Your identity will remain anonymous to us until you become a registered user at our website.

By accessing our website, you allow us to collect some non personal details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, site preferences, referral sites, pages accessed by you from our website, other website which you access later etc. Analyzing these details, we can understand your interaction with our website. Moreover, this also helps us in assessing our performance as a website and in recognizing your expectations. In short, we rely on these details for improvement of our services.

Availability of third party sites at our website is for your added information. These sites are not regulated by us. They have their own privacy policy which you must read ahead of using these sites.

Our privacy policy can be changed or modified at any time. Find all these changes once these get published at our website. Go through this page on every occasion you access our website.