How It Works

At Small Loan In 1 Hour, we help you get matched with lender who can help you with your application for finances. We are basically a loan referral site with a primary goal to help you locate the right lender who offers best price. We evaluate your requirements and help you make informed decisions.

Following few steps will describe how Small Loan In 1 Hour works. Take a look before you get started here with us:

Review eligibility criteria:

With us, it is necessary for you to check whether or not the eligibility criteria can be met. Lender will accept your application for loans if you are an Australian citizen whose age is 18 years or more, who have a stable job that earns fixed monthly income and a checking account in some reputed bank.

Verify your details ahead of fulfilling your registration request:

Fill out the online registration form if you want to access our loan comparison services. Your details will be safe with us. Ahead of processing your details, we will carry out quick check to understand your requirements so that we can help you to find the most suitable loan deal.

Assisting you to shortlist best loan deal:

We share your credentials within our network of potential lenders. If lender accepts your request, you will get quick response from lender. Next, you can use our online tools to choose the best offer.

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